2018 Happy New You!

You’ve heard the saying, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. Sadly, this old cliché only serves to hold many people back from following their dreams. After all, it doesn’t matter how old a person is.

If you’ve dreamed of studying beauty therapy, or you enjoy doing nails or makeup, what’s stopping you from going to beauty school? If you think that age is a problem, you have another thing coming. Beauty Therapy is a field where people of all ages can excel. All that matters is that you’re a people person who loves helping others feel good about themselves through massage, makeup, nails, skin care or related areas.

Here’s a few reasons why, older learners excel in this industry:

Life Experience

It’s no secret that therapists and nail technicians have to be able to talk to people. They need to know how to read and adapt to the personalities of their clients. And the older a person is, the more experience they have. Just like a bartender, you can become a therapist of sorts, and the more you can relate to others and maybe even offer sage advice, the better. This creates rapport and client loyalty.

Greater Discipline and Drive

Older students understand how important it is to commit to their selected course of study. Especially if  they have experienced dissatisfaction in earlier jobs. And let’s face it, if a person is considering starting a career in Beauty at this stage of their life, it’s not because they’re happy in their current employment. An older student is more likely to be successful, both in school and in their career.

More Settled in Life

Often, young people start going to school but then “life happens.” They get married, or drop out to get a full-time job because they need more money right away, or they have a baby and their priorities shift. But older students are more likely to be settled down. You’re well established in your life to dedicate the time and energy to a new career endeavor.

Age is Just a Number!

There’s no such thing as “too old.” More people every day are changing their lives and fulfilling their dreams. We all owe ourselves the favor of going for whatever it is that will enrich our lives, no matter what our age.

Does the idea of a career in the Beauty industry sound good to you? Why not check out our course information pages to learn more about our incredible programs, which are sure to get you started on a life-changing and rewarding career.

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