‘It’s not my job’ The 3 R’s

Picture this, you wake up one morning and feel horrendous. You decide to go and see the Doctor, he ushers you in to his consultation room and you begin to explain whats wrong. He asks you a few questions, delving further into your symptoms and when it started and then tells you its the start of an infection. He gives you a throat sweet and sends you on your way.

Would you go and see this Doctor again? I didn’t think so. So why would a client, concerned with their skin, come to a therapist who will perform a facial then send them on their way?

Mention the word Retail to your colleagues and what replies do you get?

‘Its not my job’, ‘I’m a beauty therapist not a cold caller’, ‘I won’t get a tip if I sell them something’, ‘I don’t like selling people stuff’

The Hair & Beauty Industry is worth a HUGE £62bn. Retail sales alone are worth £9.3. So if retailing is not of importance in your place of work, whether you own the salon, work for someone or self employed, you need to be asking yourself why?.

If you don’t like the word retail, change it. Homecare, Recommendation, Prescription, whatever you prefer to use.

You are NOT hard selling. You are a qualified and knowledgeable beauty therapist/nail technician/makeup artist, recommending a product(s) for them to use at home to a) help with the concern they’ve told you about, b) carry on your work at home so they will see a difference c) Listening to them and using your expertise to help.

Every therapist should be doing the 3 R’s within their treatment process.

Rebook – Rebook your client in for their next appointment whilst taking payment, not only does it create client retention, your client knows she will always have an appointment. Especially when it comes to this time of year.

Refer – A client comes in for a Manicure, she mentions in passing how badly her back is hurting at the moment, refer her to another treatment, Hot Stones or Swedish Massage. Not only are you upselling, you have proven to your client your listening to them and helping with their concerns

Retail – The definition of of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result. The client who comes in for a facial once a month, the client who has numerous knots from working at a computer, the client whose nails never grow, your at square 1 every time they come in for a treatment, why? because they don’t carry on your work at home! Why don’t they carry on your work at home? They don’t have anything to help with their skin, back tension or weak nails at home!

This time of year is the perfect time to start putting the 3 R’s into practice. Christmas kits from products houses are coming out, people will be buying loved ones gift vouchers and presents and people who may not have any treatments usually start thinking about having their nails done for Christmas parties and other special occasions.


For salon owners, create friendly competition between staff or an incentive. Have a product or treatment of the month or week.  Give free samples of products and ask for reviews to post on your social media. Start small….but soon some of the money in that £9.3bn pot could be yours 😉


Retail workshops are available at True Beauty Academy please email info@truebeautyacademy.co.uk for more information.

*information taken from HABIA

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