What is your type??…..Skin that is!

Normal, dry,oily,combination, mature…..The truth is that we are all different. The umbrellas we are meant to neatly slip under rarely cover all of our needs. We all have combination skin, a mixture of the ‘normal’ types, not just the oily t-zone, normally reserved for those under the age of 25. Each area of your face, eyes, neck and decollete needs to be assessed and treated with some TLC. So how can we analyse the skin successfully? It takes trained eyes and a knowledgeable therapist to see the subtle differences from area to area. Therapists become keen investigative detectives to find out more about your daily and weekly skin care routine, also weighing up the impact and effects on your skin from your lifestyle, profession or sleeping patterns. Your therapist is there to help you understand your skin and to educate you on how best to take care of one of your most valuable assets, ensuring you enjoy your skin every day.

Our face is the one thing we cannot hide from the world, at least not with the current fashion trends, balaclavas are definitely out this season. The big bug eye sunglasses are a great day time solution but look a little conspicuous indoors and you can only get away with them in the evening if you are a member of the glitterati therefore in the constant glare of paparazzi flash bulbs. Neck scarves to cover up crepe cleavage become a little hot under the collar in October’s unpredictable weather with air con and central heating both on the go. The image we portray to those around us is the single most important first impression, both in business and relationships. Not just for vanity but for our own self esteem and confidence. When was the last time you went on a date with no makeup or turned up for a Tinder date to have a sneaky look at your match and was met with disappointment? Did you make a bee-line for him and think…’Oh, well hes no Patrick Dempsey but I bet he has a great personality’….or just make a hasty exit through the nearest door? Call us shallow but as humans we are programmed from birth to register faces and there are a certain elements we assess in a potential partner or friends before we even think about verbal communication. Pheromones have a lot to do with it but also that initial attraction or spark comes from the person’s facial features and smile.


Glowing with natural beauty is everybody’s dream, ageing gracefully where prevention is always better than the cure. These are secrets for those women or men of a certain age whom have previously thrown caution to the wind. Having had a few more late nights than recommended, either slaving away over a laptop, hot stove, nappies or enjoying the finer things in life like sun, alcohol and rich foods. These factors only really impact the skin as we get older and the tell tale signs, some gradual, some appearing almost over night, start to show, leading to more of a full scale battle than a scuffle to retain that healthy youthful look.

So many of us use the wrong skin care or those that have a good routine, may not be getting the results they want from their skin but are trying everything. In some cases, you may be using the wrong products which can aggravate your concerns. If you like to  try the latest skin care product out there, but by the time your halfway through the tube give up before going on to the next must have beauty product then getting your skin checked by a professional would be a great investment. Using the same skincare may not always be the answer either, our skin changes based on our living and working environments, seasons, stress,diet and hormones. If you are unsure about what you are using take it with you to show your skin care specialist, generate your own ‘Skin Care Amnesty’. If it’s been open for more than 6 months then it has to go…

There are many factors which affect our skin, the good news is that we can control the impact that they have. When you know about your skin it is easier to achieve the results you deserve. That’s why at True Beauty Academy our students  use Dermalogica and carry out their unique Facial Mapping technique. All our facials are tailored to suit your needs combining a relaxing treatment with targeted results. What are you waiting for? Surrender your skin care and book in with us today!


Chelsy Holland, Beauty Tutor & Director True Beauty Academy.





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Chelsy Holland

Chelsy Holland